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Why EcoQuest? The Benefits of Spending a Week Exploring and Connecting with the Natural World

Does your child love the outdoors? Are they fascinated by the world’s natural wonders? Or are they still a little unsure about the environment around them? If so, then EcoQuest earth science summer camps are right for them!

EcoQuest camps allow campers to spend each day interacting with and exploring different aspects of their resident environment through active games, crafts, and out trips such as beach and forest excursions, kayaking, and WildPlay! Children will become scientists as they explore local ecosystems and discover nature’s wonders down to a microscopic level. Camp provides a fun, safe, and inclusive environment that will inspire children to create lifelong positive relationships with the great outdoors!

There are no limits to the benefits that EcoQuest summer camps can provide to your child. Some of them include:

• Reconnecting with and developing a deep connection with nature – camp is a wonderful antidote to the narrow experience of modern indoor life, enriching children’s perception of the world and supporting healthy development. EcoQuest helps children understand the impact our actions have on the world and teaches them the importance of sustaining our earth.

• Learning to enjoy living a healthy and active life – camp encourages children to be active, eat healthy, and make better choices towards improving their overall mental and physical health.

• Experiencing success and gaining confidence – with the various educational activities and diverse opportunities to learn and succeed, camp is a real-life boost of self-esteem. Children will gain a sense of accomplishment each and every day without the pressure of learning in an academic environment.

• Developing new skills and gaining resiliency – the encouragement and inclusivity children receive at camp makes it a great atmosphere to try new activities, endure setbacks, and learn that improvement comes with perseverance; skills that will carry through to and benefit them in all aspects of their lives.

• Practicing social skills and making true friends – EcoQuest activities require communication and cooperation between campers, encouraging the formation of lifelong friendships in a relaxed and interactive environment. All the fun at camp draws everyone together!


Whether they already love the outdoors, or need a little friendly encouragement, by the end of their week with EcoQuest your child will be marvelling at the world’s natural beauty and longing to explore more. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is listening to all their wonderful camp stories the whole way home!

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