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Intro to Kayaking
Get the Basics

Paddle your way to becoming a kayak pro!  This camp is great for first timers and those looking to develop more skills.  Explore different locations on the water while learning safety, terminology, tips and tricks!  All required safety equipment, paddles, and kayaks are included.

What to Expect
Day 1 - Learning the Basics

At a local lake the group will be divided in half for the day. One half will spend the morning on shore learning about kayaking, the parts of the boat as well as important safety information.

The other half will be on the water learning the basic strokes and how to get in and out of a kayak properly before learning what to do if you fall out of your kayak practicing Bow Rescues.

After lunch the groups switch so that everybody has the same experience.

Day 2 - Thetis Lake

Thetis Lake is all about building upon the basics taught the day before while getting to paddle as a group in a relaxed and beautiful lake. This day reinforces the basic rules for when paddling as a group, all while having a great day on the water.

Day 3 - Kayak/Paddle Board Day

At Ocean River in the Victoria Harbor we will explore the beautiful Gorge waterway. Divided in half again the campers get to try out stand up paddle boarding and kayaking, switching at lunch. This day is focused on learning a new skill, exploring our harbor and getting our first taste of ocean kayaking

Day 4 - Esquimalt Lagoon & Fisgard Lighthouse*

Esquimalt Lagoon & Fisgard Lighthouse provides an opportunity to have a real west coast kayaking experience. With the chance for some current and tides to paddle with this day will show everybody just how far they have come since day 1. Kelp beds, rock formations, and seals are all part of this days exploration before spending time at the historic Fisgard Lighthouse.

Day 5 - Oak Bay and the Chain Islands*

Oak Bay offers a beautiful experience as we paddle  towards the nature reserve between the shore and Discovery Island. Known to be one of the more challenging spots to kayak, the Chain Islands will show how all of our new skills combined work together. Home to a large seal colony and many species of marine birds, the opportunity to get up close and personal with these creatures makes the paddle out there worth it!

*Locations may be altered depending on weather conditions

Learning Outcomes
  • Getting in and out of a kayak 

  • Basic strokes (forwards, backwards, sweep stroke, stopping stroke)

  • Proper paddling technique

  • Parts of a kayak

  • Understanding hyperthermia and hypothermia

  • How to do a Bow Rescue 

  • Identify different safety equipment

  • Group cohesion (loading & unloading equipment, paddling as a group)

  • Basic navigation (chart & compass)

  • Oceans, tides & currents

  • Wildlife & plant life of the ecosystems

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