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Spring Break Intro to Kayaking

A fantastic start to our 2017 kayaking programs. We had a week of fun with the kids at Westshore Parks and Rec and while it may not have been fun in the sun like our summer programs we made the best of it with hot drinks at lunch and fun games throughout the day.

Day 1 at Prospect Lake

Monday had us go to Prospect Lake where we spent time learning the names of the equipment, the best way to carry and load our boats, how to paddle properly and how to escape the cold at lunch with some hot chocolate!

At Thetis Lake for Day 2

Tuesday we were at Thetis Lake where we spend time exploring the lake we all know and love from a different perspective on the water. While the rain held off mostly for the day we still enjoyed some tea or hot chocolate at lunch as we presented our products that every kayaker would want. We had kayaks with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a garage for your kayak, kayaks that paddle themselves to drone food delivery services. The rain started towards the end of lunch but it stopped once we hit the water again!

We went to the inner harbour on Wednesday at Ocean River and had the opportunity to try out paddle boarding & kayaking for the day. The sun did its best to make an appearance and keep us happy as we went up towards West Bay Marina past the Delta Hotel. We got to see up close the sea planes take off and land which was a treat!

A more overcast day at Oak Bay was made it exciting as it was our first real taste of the ocean. With some waves and gentle wind we left Cattle Point and headed towards Gyro Park. While one of the campers did get caught on a rock that was just under the surface we had a great time weaving through the sheltered rock gardens along the shore getting up close and personal with some oyster catchers and other marine birds.

For the final day on Friday we went to the beautiful and sheltered Todd Creek Inlet where Courtney' knowledge of marine biology shone through as the water here is ideal for jelly fish and so as we paddled along there were hundreds if not thousands of jellys below us decorating the water. At lunch it was starting to rain and so we threw a tarp up to keep dry but as soon as we were done eating the sun came out and we played some forest games before heading back for the day.

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