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Our School Programs

Uniquely designed with your class in mind

Full or Half Day Programs

We are proud to bring the programs designed by Lee Richardson, BSc/BEd to the classroom. Our collaborative approach to program design means that we can accommodate any topics desired for the class be it cultural, environmental, or outdoor leadership/pursuits.

Our EcoQuest Science & EcoQuest Paddle Sport programs are now available as day events for classes to incorporate into their curriculum. Curated to the specific needs of the class, our day programs help bring your lessons to life by providing hands on opportunities for children to learn.

Earth Sciences

Grades 1-8

Our Earth Sciences program is designed to connecting things taught in the classroom to nature. From learning about plants & animals, oceans, forests or history we provide a range of lesson plans. 

Paddle Sports

Grades 3-8

Our Paddle Sports program is designed to help introduce the world of kayaking & outdoor pursuits to children in a safe & fun day experience. With the primary focus being on skills needed to feel confident on the water we are able to provide instructors to teach special lessons that link to the curriculum.

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