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Paddle Sports Experience
About Our Program

We want every child who experiences our Paddle Sports program to come away with a sense of accomplishment. Although this may be their first experience in a kayak, or on the ocean dealing with various weather conditions, our goal is to make everyone comfortable, while opening them up to new experiences. Once children are introduced to learning new skills and ideas  their lives will easily be open to future change.

What to Expect
Learning Outcomes
  • Becoming comfortable in a kayak

  • Understand basic techniques

  • Learn about the area around them (Pacific Ocean),including tides & currents, bird life, marine mammals (seals, sea lions, whales), aquatic life, & plants

  • Better understanding of human impact on the environment (garbage, bioaccumulation, & boat traffic)

  • Understand the equipment that is needed to be safe out on the water for both individual safety & group safety (PDF, change of clothes, first aid kit, radio, etc.)

  • Shore Lesson provided by EcoQuest can cover a wide range of topics depending on preference. Our instructors can take the students through lessons discussing marine life, atmosphere & climate, and & plants, agriculture & industry, or animals (mammals, birds, insects & reptiles)

30 minute skills

In groups of 10, students are taught, on shore,  the basic fundamentals required  to get out onto the water.

1-2 hours on the water

A minimum of one hour is scheduled  for exploring the beautiful waters we have around us. Getting comfortable in a kayak and familiar with proper technique we spend the time on the water exploring and learning about the marine world.

30 minute gear talk

After being on the water  a demonstration of safety gear is shown so that the students will have a better understanding  of what to bring with them for their own trips in the future from simple day trips to overnight expeditions.

2 hour shore lesson

Additional Option: EcoQuest can provide additional instructors to run a shore lesson based on an applicable earth science curriculum. Inquire for additional information.

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