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Earth Sciences Experience
About Our Program

Our Earth Science Experience is a program  based off of our popular EcoQuest camp, where youth spend each day exploring different aspects  of the environment & earth science. From plants & animals, to marine science, to agriculture & climate change, our day programs can cover any topic desired to align with  your curriculum. Getting out and exploring the beaches, forests or marshes, we want to connect what children learn in the classroom to the tangible environment. While we have several day programs already developed we are able to create a unique experience for your class if you have a specific topic you want to cover.

Sample Day Plan
Ocean Science & Marine Life
  • Learn about the water cycle, ides & currents

  • Water conservation

  • Marine life - plants & animals

  • Challenges facing our ocean

    • Natural causes​

    • Human causes

    • What we can do

  • Explore & discover tidal pools little ecosystems

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